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Women and Welfare Foundation was founded on the premise that there was no organization composed of former African American teen mothers who had successfully escaped the shackles of welfare, pursued advanced degrees, and obtained successful careers to become economically independent.
Today, the founders of Women and Welfare are all accomplished professionals who now serve as role models and mentors for past and current African American welfare recipients who are single mothers.
These women were reminded that they had the power to make a difference and were challenged to take action at a November 2001 African American Success Foundation (AASF) in Miami, Florida where the presentation of a dissertation focusing on these welfare recipients was showcased.  It is from there that Women and Welfare was born. 
Women and Welfare considers itself a National Organization that mentors and motivates African American adolescent single mothers on welfare to become self-sufficient and more productive, contributing members of society so that they may enjoy a prosperous and enriched life.
Women and Welfare is a membership based organization which depends on Annual Memberships and Donations to provide Education, Mentoring, Role modeling, Workshops, and Scholarships to help achieve its Mission.
The founding members of the Women and Welfare  Foundation are, Angela White, Manassas, Virginia, Dr. Jacqueline Farr, Ragland, Alabama, and Kanzellar (Kim) Hall-Sprague, Wayne, New Jersey. 
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